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Testimonials From Members and Volunteers

"I find volunteering with N2N rewarding, especially when it involves taking members to doctors' appointments.  My whole career was working with physicians so it is fun for me to touch that aspect of my former job. Also, my parents are of the age that they appreciate it when I can go with them to their doctors' appointments. For members whose families don't live nearby, I hope it is a relief for them to know that their loved ones have an easy way to get to their doctors' appointments."

"I enjoy volunteering with Neighbor to Neighbor and offering a service to people who need it most. I really like the flexibility of the model as I can work within my schedule and Tessa is a an absolute joy to work with!"

"I love volunteering with Neighbor to Neighbor because I feel like I'm making a difference in my own community. My husband and I like to give to our favorite charities, but you don't usually get to see the direct results of that. With N2N, I'm making a direct contribution to those who need the help. Plus, I love how N2N gives the seniors a sense of independence (as they have told me). They can control what kind of help they get and don't have to always ask friends and family for help. Since I usually do transportation, I also enjoy talking to the ladies and learning about their lives. All in all, it's a very rewarding experience." 

“I have been using neighbor to neighbor since December of 2016. Tessa is very helpful, I find the service very helpful to me. I do not drive and it is very useful. All the volunteers are very nice and I find them very helpful. I am grateful for the services. Two very nice young people have been nice to us as well as the older ones.”

“I am happy to let you know how grateful I am for N2N services. When you can no longer drive it’s a tragedy. This service allows me to get groceries, visit my doctors and my bank. N2N has allowed me to reclaim part of my life.”